• REX for horn players
  • ROXi for creative recording
  • REX and ROXI mic preamps

REX and ROXi

high fidelity mic preamp pedals!

You are looking at two high-performance Grace Design mic preamps built into rugged pedal chassis. They are designed to inspire new creative possibilities for performing and recording musicians. Think horn players, singers, harmonica shredders, one-mic bluegrass bands, Metal-Polka accordion acts. Now you can tweak and perfect your own microphone sound on stage or in the studio.


This is the little nipper, but don’t judge – we piled up everything we know from 30 years of designing mic preamps, zapped it with our shrink ray and crammed it all into a minty-fresh green BIX style chassis. With bonafide Grace Design mic preamp pedigree, it will give any studio rack preamp a run for its money. But REX is really designed to be velcroed to a pedal board and hit the stage. Simple high and low tone controls, a 10dB boost circuit (sorry FOH), a mute switch, and an FX loop will all help you get your sound dialed. Are you a singer with your own vocal mic and wish you could have that extra studio clarity and presence on stage? REX to the REXcue (ugh). You get the idea.


This one is bigger and more kitchen sink-y. This starts with a precision rotary switch gain control, which levels up the audio performance, especially in higher gain ranges (ribbon mics welcome). A 2 position high pass filter gives excellent control of problem bass / rumble areas at 75Hz or 150Hz. A 3-band EQ with sweepable mids rounds out the tone shaping. The FX loop can be defeated by a footswitch and has an onboard blend control to run your effects at 100% and adjust wet / dry amount on the preamp. The input is a combi XLR / 1/4″ jack, so it can run as an instrument preamp like its buddy ALiX .

We could keep going, but you get the idea: REX and ROXi are wicked mashups of a mic pre, channel strip and stage preamp. Plop one on your your studio desktop and boom, you have an genuine Grace Design recording channel. Tack one to your pedalboard and you have a Swiss Army knife style stompbox with astonishing audio performance and massive flexibility. Do the Swiss actually give those little red knives to their army? Let us know.

REX is the little one:

  • Mic input (only) with 48V phantom power

  • Switchable 75Hz High Pass Filter

  • High and Low shelving EQ

  • FX loop with individual send and return jacks

  • Variable boost circuit

  • Mute switch

  • ¼” unbalanced output / XLR balanced ISO output

  • 9VDC power supply

ROXi is the big one:

  • Mic / Instrument input with 48V phantom power

  • Switchable 75Hz or 150Hz High Pass Filter

  • 3 Band EQ w/ High, Low and sweepable Mid

  • FX loop with a footswitch for FX mute

  • FX Mix control

  • Variable Boost circuit

  • ¼” Amp output w/ independent level control

  • Mute switch

  • XLR balanced ISO output

  • Universal 100-240 VAC power supply

Why a MIC PREAMP pedal?

Glad you asked. Here’s a few examples:


A singer can plug their favorite microphone into a Grace Design mic preamp with their own effect pedals in the FX loop and control their reverb, old-timey AM radio or distorted vocal effects however they want. Singers with pedal boards? Your time has come.

Horn Players

Horn players looking to expand their sonic palette. Flugelhorn into a wha-wha pedal with distortion and delay? All day. Baritone sax through an octave pedal? Dude.

In the Studio

Recording engineers can harness the creative possibilities in the studio by inserting various guitar effect pedals into their recording signal chain. The possibilities are vast.

Acoustic Music

Hardworking one-mic bluegrass bands with their very own high-fidelity Grace Design mic preamp on stage. If the banjo and bass player get in a fight, someone can please just tap the mute switch while they sort it out. Embarrassing situation averted.

Creative Souls

Any sonic explorer looking to add a single channel of Grace Design preamp to their kit with some unexpectedly cool extra features. Nice.

The Grace Design EON and STANDARD Warranties

We back up everything we make with either our unrivaled 20 year EON limited warranty, or the 5 year standard limited warranty. These represent the best coverage in the business and prove our commitment to the quality, serviceability and long term value of Grace Design products.

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