Grace Design and PSP Audioware have teamed up to offer a powerful audio production combination: during the month of July when you purchase any analog-only Grace Design mic preamp (m501, m101, m103, m201mk2 or m801mk2), you will receive a FREE download code from PSP Audioware for the InfiniStrip plug-in, a $199 value!

The PSP Audioware InfiniStrip is an incredible channel strip plug-in for audio processing in any production environment – like having a huge array of infinitely configurable lunchbox modules at your fingertips, but in one powerful, zero-latency plug-in. InfiniStrip is a mainstay at the Grace Design studio and a perfect way to process and sculpt tracks recorded with our mic preamps. We are thrilled to extend this offer to our customers.

Learn all about the PSP Audioware InfiniStrip

Additionally, we will donate 5% of the proceeds of this promotion to a leading international humanitarian relief organization in support of the children displaced by the war in Ukraine.

When you receive your new preamp from your Grace Design dealer, the individual download code will be included in the OEM box from us, so take care to save it so can redeem it!

Once you have your code in hand, activating the InfiniStrip plug-in is is simple:

Start by visiting the activation page here and enter your activation code

After entering your code, you will need to either create a new PSP account or log-in if you already do, then follow the steps here:

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