Blumlein for standard large diaphragm mics / SB-BL


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Holds standard large diaphragm microphones in a vertical Blumlein configuration (53cm)


Spacebar Blumlein configuration allows for holding two figure-8 microphones on the same vertical axis and at a precise 90 degree angle of incidence. Two types of mic holder are available depending on the microphones being used. For RCA 44 and RCA 77 type mics and their derivatives the SB-AMHRA holder should be used. Most other microphones can be
mounted with the SB-MH standard mic holder.

A unique feature of the Spacebar Blumlein configuration is that the whole vertical tube assembly can be rotated on a horizontal axis allowing the mics to be aimed up or down relative to the horizontal plane. This can be very useful when micing an ensemble from above on a tall stand.

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Standard 5/8-27, BSW 3/8-16