m908 RCU left detail
m908 RCU left detail
m908 RCU left detail
m908 RCU left detail
REX and ROXi

All New Mic Preamp Pedals, designed for the stage and studio


studio quality, stage ready acoustic preamp, EQ and DI


Our finest 8 channel analog mic preamplifier


portable / desktop friendly headphone amplifier / DAC

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Welcome to Grace Design Professional Audio

Mike and Eben in their basement - 1994.

Our Story

In the early 90’s, Michael Grace began building single order custom audio products for a small, devout following of recording engineers and artists . Before long, the word had spread about these custom microphone preamplifier designs, which were said to outperform anything else that was commercially available.

Luis del Toro

“The m908 is the best Atmos monitoring system made. It’s easy to setup with an intuitive web interface, a fantastic remote control and it sounds luxuriously transparent. It makes my day easier. Thanks Grace Design!!”

Luis del Toro
Billy Strings

Billy Strings

“Stoked to be using the Grace Design BiX. This thing sounds natural and full. It’s very responsive and catches all the little nuances that I love about my acoustic guitar.”

Jacob Collier

“It’s a dream to work with this equipment, in the sense that it almost entirely vanishes in the creative process – being so utterly transparent and seamless. Working so much with organic, analogue sound, it’s absolutely crucial to work with gear capable of capturing and describing every sound with warmth, clarity and soul. GRACE is pure class.”

Jacob Colier home studio
Molly Tuttle

Molly Tuttle

“The Felix is the only preamp that lets me have true control of my sound no matter the situation. I love being able to blend my pickup with a mic to get a more natural tone. I always feel confident that my guitar is sounding it’s best thanks to Felix!”

EON 20 Year Warranty

We back up everything we make with either our unrivaled 20 year EON limited warranty, or the 5 year standard limited warranty. These represent the best coverage in the business and prove our commitment to the quality, serviceability and long term value of Grace Design products.

  • "I can't believe how clean and transparent the M905 is. It's by far the best studio investment I've made. The build quality is impeccable and so are the ergonomics. Thank you for this awesome product. Next in line is the M103 :-)"

  • "In this day and age of so many cheap imports on the market, it is a honor to buy an American made product with quality components and a five year warranty."

  • "Grace Design products are transparent. I can completely trust that my Grace handles audio signals with least impact on the sound I put in. That transparency actually puts me in better control of the ultimate sound I am trying to achieve. Thank you!"

  • "I used the Alix for the first time for a 2 night gig. Short story, it changed my life! My Fishman Platinum Pro Eq makes a great, albeit expensive tuner now. Congrats on the great work and way to make Colorado look good!"

  • "Probably the finest packaging job of any pedal-based product I've ever purchased!"

  • "Live From a The Divide in Bozeman, MT showed me the light. Your sponsorship of their program is the reason why I purchased a BiX of my own. Thanks for supporting live music, venues that believe in the power of song, and that, in turn, believe in working songwriters like me."

  • "The Felix is an exceptional product and there's nothing else like it on the market. thank you, thank you!"

  • "Thanks to everyone at Grace, I have been using 801 preamps, m905, and Felix preamps for many years with great results, in the studio and live."

  • "I'm unbelievably impressed with my new m905. After only one week of owning, I've found the customizable features and sound quality to be amazing. I've made it the centerpiece of my new workflow. I love this thing!"

  • "I'm blown away by how much more clean and separated these sound. I was worried because of the price tag but I'm blown away. The build quality is excellent as well!"

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