Grace Design / Massdrop m9XX headphone amp/DAC

In the spring of 2015, we entered into a partnership with Massdrop, a brilliant user community driven retail site which curates a large audiophile enthusiast group. They wanted to co-develop a headphone amp / DAC that achieved close to m920 audio performance, but with a greatly simplified feature set and priced well below $1k.

After many months of what has been a really fun and crazy collaboration with their awesome team, we are very proud to announce the release of the m9XX. This product is ONLY available from Massdrop, and would not exist without them.

Please visit Massdrop for complete sales information.

Please contact us for technical information.

m9XX Support

Owners Manual Rev E

XMOS Stereo USB Audio Class2 Driver for Windows v3.20.0

m9XX Technical Discussion

Drivers and Firmware

Important USB Driver information for Windows 10 Anniversary users

m9XX Reviews

Headphonia by Nathan

Head-Fi by Jude

HiFi Insider

User reviews on Head-Fi

Purchase m9XX power supplies

These power supplies are tested by us to provide the best power regulation and noise performance.

m9XX regulated USB power supply
100-240VAC input / 5VDC 2A output
US plug (Grace Part # T900)

$14.00 US / domestic shipping incuded




m9XX regulated USB power supply
100-240VAC input / 5VDC 2A output
Euro plug (Grace Part # T901)

$35.00 US / export shipping incuded