Founded in 2015 and led by CEO Chris Reichardt and CTO Bruno Putzeys, Kii Audio has, in a very short period, established itself as a leading manufacturer of high performance monitors. The first product from the company is the Kii THREE digital speaker system.

Having worked with both Reichardt and Putzeys in previous collaborations, we knew that their new foray into the loudspeaker world would be good. What we didn't know is that it would be this good.

Early evaluations of the Kii THREEs in our facility at Grace left us picking our jaws up off the floor. Subsequent evaluations at some of the bigger commercial studios around the region have reinforced these impressions. These speakers are unlike anything else available, especially with their cunningly compact size and stunningly enormous sound. They have gone up against speaker systems costing twice as much and have come out the favorite. So when the opportunity arose to help represent these great people and their superlative products, we were all in.

Big Little Speakers - Kii THREE

Kii’s mission for the THREE was to break the sonic mould of compact speakers. Powerful small speakers with deep bass have been around for a while now but none so far sounded like a big speaker. The THREE is built to fix that. Basic acoustics tells us that a classic box speaker only directs sound towards the listeners from the midrange up while bass frequencies are radiated all around. The frequency where this change happens depends on the size of the box front (the “baffle”). The smaller the baffle, the higher the frequency at which bass is still radiated all around instead of directed towards the listener. That in short is why big speakers have so far delivered much more precise timing and detail in the bass and low mids than small speakers: the room gets less chance to interfere. And that is what Kii has now managed to make a compact speaker do.

The Kii THREE delivers true "big speaker performance“ from a decidedly small box. To achieve this, Kii invented Active Wave Focusing, which is a combination of a special 4-way DSP crossover filter with drive units mounted front, side and back that "throws" the sound towards the listener instead of bathing the room in it. While cardioid beam forming as a technique of dispersion has been previously achieved, the Kii THREE radically improves on it by maintaining a cardioid response over the full audio band. The wave front appears as if radiated from a single point just in front of the speaker, meaning that the time coherence of the wave front is fully maintained on and off axis. This translates to an impressively wide sweet spot and spacious stereo field with pinpoint accurate imaging.

Category Killer

The THREE is the first compact speaker that exceeds the clarity of a full size sound system in a large room, while its small size means it’s equally at home in much more modest spaces. In fact, smaller rooms will benefit most from the THREE’s controlled bass. Better than big speakers at sounding big and better adapted for small rooms than other small speakers, THREE is a truly no-compromise monitoring product.

Better Mixes, Faster

The Kii THREE is extremely revealing of EQ, compression and effects, saving you from nasty surprises when you check your mix on another system. Effortless presentation allows for longer, more productive mixing sessions without ear fatigue. In the end you will work faster with better results and be more confident that your mixes will translate.


The ultra compact controller/preamp/USB Interface for Kii THREE Loudspeaker.

The Kii CONTROL turns the Kii THREE into a complete playback system of highest sonic quality and usability. It offers a user interface for your speakers and works like a digital preamplifier.

The Kii CONTROL offers three additional digital inputs for the Kii THREE: Coax SPDIF, Optical TOSLINK and USB (up to PCM 24/384kHz and DSD64/DSD128 on USB). All inputs are located on the backside connector panel and can be activated with the touch buttons located around the volume knob.

A dedicated input button (labeled XLR) will switch to the existing hardware input on the speaker itself, which you can continue to use as analog or digital input. The Kii Control connects to the Kii THREE speakers with a single included CAT6 cable and is also powered through this connection. No additional power supply is necessary. Most importantly the Kii CONTROL enables lossless volume control inside the DSP of the Kii THREEs, keeping the signal path of the system as transparent as possible.

The big volume knob also offers mute or dim functions and manual power on/off (standby). A dedicated touch button provides direct access to up to six user definable presets. The menu navigation and OLED display vastly expand the options of the Kii THREE Boundary and Contour settings, while also providing access to more advanced system settings, including amongst others: manual power on/standby, LED brightness, DIM function and limiter indication. The main functions like volume, source and mute can also be remote controlled via your IR Remote (RC5 type or Apple Remote).

Kii and Grace

Because of the extraordinary performance of these speakers, we at Grace Design are proud to now be the exclusive distributor of Kii THREE speakers for US professional audio markets. If you are interested in finding out more about or wish to inquire about a demo in the US, please contact us via email or phone 303-823-8100. We will be working with a small number of select US pro audio dealers to help people experience these remarkable speakers in person.

Ross Hogarth

"The Kii THREE speakers are without question the best nearfield monitors I have ever used. The detailed and revealing frequency response is from earth to light. These little monsters have balls at an extremely low level. I don't mix at loud volumes so to get a full frequency response out of a small speaker has always been my holy grail. I found my home with the Kii THREE's in minutes - a breakthrough speaker design that really works and delivers the goods." - Ross Hogarth Multi platinum / Multi Grammy winning producer/mixer/engineer Van Halen / Ziggy Marley/ REM / Keb’ Mo’/ John Fogerty / Motley Crue / Melissa Etheridge /Flogging Molly

Kii THREE Technical Specifications

(*) IEC60268-5 Paragraph 20.6


Kii Audio FAQ Page
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TapeOp Magazine - Andy Hong
"For me, listening to the Kii THREE for the first time wasn’t a case of it sounding a little bit better (or different) than anything else. On the contrary, it was a full-blown, holy-tmesis-cow moment."

Sound on Sound - Phil Ward
“The Kii Three is one of the finest speakers I’ve ever heard and undoubtedly the best I’ve ever had the privilege and pleasure of using in my own home.”

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